International Austrian Championships

10 May 2014 – Lugner City Vienna, Austria

International Austrian Championships May 2014 - Full Movie



International Austrian Championships on 10th May 2014

Location - Lugner City Mall, Gablenzgasse 5-13, 1150 Wien

Austria is a land locked country in Central Europe. The alpine country boarders in the north of Germany and Czechia, in the east to Slovakia and Hungary, in the south to Slovenia and Italy and in the west to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Austria officially is a land locked country of roughly 8.3 million people in Central Europe. The territory of Austria covers 83.872 square kilometres. The majority of the population speaks German, which is also the Country's official language. Most Austrians also speak English. The form of government is since the constitution of 1920 those of federal organized parliamentary republic which exists since 1922 of 9 sub countries; one of it is the capital city, Vienna. The state is since 1955 a member of the United Nations and since 1995 part of the European Union. The capital city Vienna has 2.2 million inhabitants. In Vienna are found buildings of all styles of architecture, from the roman Ruprecht's church about the gothic Stephansdom, the baroque Karls church, the highly baroque Jesuits church and the constructions of the classic season up to the modern age. Never the less, particularly the architecture of the early days which demonstrate the former imperial city Vienna like from downpour is to be emphasized. Tourist hotspots in Vienna are the "Ringstrafse" where you can find such famous buildings as the houses of parliament, the Vienna opera house, the Burgtheater, the Vienna University, the Rathaus(municipality of Vienna) and many five stars hotels like the famous hotel Imperial, the Saint Stephan's cathedral is located in the center of the first district, where you can also find good shopping opportunities galleries and boutique hotels.

The Venue

The "Lugner CitY' is a shopping mall and office building located directly on the so called "Gorter in the fifteen district. The International Austrian Championship take place at the "ShowbOhne" located in the centre of Lugner City Mall, the stage can be viewed from the all floors so that a maximum visibility from all sides is granted. Parking in the Lugner City garage is free of charge from 09:00a. m. to midnight on Saturdays.

The Official Hotel

- Atlantis Hotel Vienna

Located at Wurzbachgasse 21, 1150 Wien