5th WBPF European Championships 25 May 2014 Kosovo

Full movie - Day 1

Kosovo 5th European Championship May 2014 - Day 1



5th WBPF European Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships

Location - Prishtina, Kosovo

Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo and the cultural and economic hub of the country. Sports and education play a significant role in the dazzling city which features several historic monuments that are well worth seeing. Of the many mosques in Prishtina, the Llap Mosque stands out. Built in 1470, this mosque is among the oldest buildings in Prishtina. The clock tower near the Jasar-Pascha Mosque and the pretty Old Town are also noteworthy places to visit. Gentle, lush green hills, grazing sheep, rivers gleaming in the sun: Kosova boasts idyllic landscapes with mountains and valleys that are just like something from a story book. Prishtina, the modern capital city, is situated in a magnificent setting. The contrast between urban metropolis and its long history makes Kosovo an attractive holiday destination.

The Venue

Palace of youth, culture and sports - Address: Luan Haradinaj p.n. Prishtinë 10 000, Kosovo. The massive complex from 1977-1981 is an unmissable and spikey Prishtina landmark, and a nice example of Yugoslav-era city planning. The youth centre has an assembly hall, disco, concert and sports halls and a Pioneer's centre – now catering to children without any additional brainwashing.

The Official Hotel

- GRAND HOTEL, Prishtina

Located in the charming premier shopping and business district of Prishtina and set to amid the lushness of the "Mother Teresa" main road, Grand Hotel is an elegant modern-style sanctuary that will redefine the meaning of service in Kosova's capital..