WBPF in the Republic of Mauritius 10 November 2017

A new federation is born in Mauritius under the leadership of Jean Marcelin Seevathean...it is called the NATURAL FITNESS BODYBUILDING AND WEIGHT TRAINING ACADEMY and has been accepted and recognized as a member of World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF) at the recent Congress concluded in Ulan Bator, Mongolia in October 2017. Jean Marcelin was a former Police sergeant in the Mauritius Police force under the Criminal Investigation Department (known as C.I.D Deptarment) and also served as the Chief Physical Training Instructor of the Mauritius Police Force.

He was an active bodybuilder and he won several titles in the past:

  • Mr. Mauritius 2011 - Masters at 61 yrs. of age
  • 7th place in the 1st Ben Weider Diamond Cup in 2013 in Athens, Greece
  • Won several other competitions at local level in his beloved country Jean Marcelin exercises daily and helps the youth in Mauritius in weight training under his academy

As the President of the newly formed Natural Fitness Bodybuilding and Weight Training Academy, his main responsibility is to oversee that the bodybuilders in this country are under the proper guidance and participate in legally recognized competitions under the umbrella of WBPF. He is totally against the use of banned substances in sports and will implement anti-doping programme in this country to ensure that athletes are projected to lead a healthy lifestyle. WBPF is proud to have a man of this standing to lead our sport in the Republic of Mauritius.


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